Dj andrea Maggino al Moirè Cafè & Bistrot di Leuca

Live con il dj Andrea Maggino venerdì 5 giugno al Moirè Cafè & Bistrot di Santa Maria di Leuca (via Virgilio, 57). Start ore 22. Info 3491978633. L'artista gallipolino (direttamente dal SamsaraBeach), anticiperà il weekend musicale con creazioni mixate tra sensibilità e tecnica.

ANDREA MAGGINO born in 1988 in Gallipoli (LE). Encouraged by his parents studied piano for 5 years and discovered a strong passion for music. Driven by the desire to learn and refine new rhythms, began to make friends with the first records in the various private parties in his area, demonstrating from the outset, an astonishing musical sensibility and technique. Succeed in a short time to be present in many situations of "Night Life Salento", gathering more and more positive comments among the people. Andrea continues to investigate various shades of house music, to be realized fully until the residence of "Samsara Lounge Beach" Gallipoli (2008,2009,2010), where was able to mix with the balance 'the needs of the people of the Ionian coast, people getting used to' house more melodic and sung by the beautiful black voices that for half a century are the heart of Philadelphia has, with skill, taste, enthusiasm, generosity, cleanliness technique. Mixes here and select the "Samsara Beach Lounge compilation" with his friend dj producer Danilo Seclì. With visibility obtained, he began attending local and very important trend of Salento, up to the main room of the "Rio Bo", one of the best record in southern Italy.

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